My Acne Facts And Conclusions The Real Cause Acne  zits pimples cysts acne treatment acne cure acne cause Acne

My Acne Facts And Conclusions The Real Cause

Fifteen years of treating acne with almost every available topical and oral solutions,different treatments,without success, enforced me to search for a direct cause of acne.My facts and conclusions1.Hormones are chemical substances ,which regulate ALL functions in human body (they tell organs and cells what to do)2.In human body exist various hormones,but for acne,we are interested in testosterone (androgen)3. The most active androgens are testosterone, precisely 5-testosterone (DHT) and they control SEBUM production. Too much of Sebum leads to acne formation. Why we have no acne before puberty? Simply because testosterone formation begins in puberty.4.Other hormones can also aggravate acne, but they are not direct cause.ExampleStress situations,when our body produce hormone called glucocorticosteroids.5.DIRECT cause of Acne is not food,stress, poor hygiene,vitamins and bacteries on our skin. Bacteries are just last player in our story.Even hormones are not direct cause.Direct cause of Acne is HORMONAL IMBALANCE on the first place, and toxins in our body on the second place.This is my list of main acne causesComplex Mix of causes of Prostaglandin insufficiency > insufficiency of Prostaglandins > Hormonal imbalance > Liver can not remove all those hormones and send it to the skin > AcneAs you can see,liver health is very important.What the hell is prostaglandin,you ask? The messengers, or communicators between the cells and the hormones are called Prostaglandins and without them there will be no communication between the cells and your hormones. When there is no communication, hormones will be out of balance. Prostaglandins are biochemicals that communicate with hormones and cells and trigger cells into action. Prostaglandins work inside the cells and help regulate the function of cells and organs through the communication of cells and hormones. Prostaglandins make sure your androgen hormones are in balance, as they regulate your hormones so that just the right amount of sebum will be produced by your skin oil glands and thus prevent excess amounts of sebum production that leads to acne.6. Why there is no sufficient number of prostaglandins in our bodies? Because we have no enough of GLA- gamma-linnolenic acid , which is main precursor of prostaglandins. GLA is a special fatty acid from which the body can produce Prostaglandins. GLA is made from LA-Linolenic Acid, which we take through the various food. Main problem is inability of our body to convert LA to GLA ,because of stress.bad habits,foods,alcohol,lack of vitamins etc. (if we have no enough GLA ,our body can not produce prostaglandins,which regulate hormones).7. What’s happening when we are out of prostaglandins? Hormonal imbalance” My Acne Facts And Conclusions The Real Cause” src=”×600.gif” width=”425″ height=”600″ border=”0″ />My Acne Facts And Conclusions The Real Cause Acne  zits pimples cysts acne treatment acne cure acne cause Acne   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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