The Social Impact of Acne Acne  FAQS FAQ acnes Acne

The Social Impact of Acne

How acne affects people’s lives”There is no single disease which causes more psychic trauma, more maladjustment between parents and children, more general insecurity and feelings of inferiority and greater sums of psychic suffering than does acne vulgaris.” –Sulzberger & Zaldems, 1948While known for quite some time, the psychosocial effects of acne have not been fully appreciated until recently. The reasons for this are many. After all, everyone gets acne to one degree or another. In most cases, it goes away on its own. While it’s running its course, it is not a serious threat to anyone’s overall physical health. In addition, until the last couple of decades, there was very little anyone could do to treat it.Acne, nonetheless, has a significant impact on a person’s outlook on life. Recent studies have detected the following as common among people with acne * Social withdrawal * Decreased self-esteem * Reduced self-confidence * Poor body image * Embarrassment * Feelings of depression * Anger * Preoccupation * Frustration * Higher rate of unemployment The effects listed above are often interrelated, with one effect leading to another and another, only to make the first effect worse. These negative psychosocial effects can have a crippling impact, discouraging patients from pursuing life’s opportunities–socially, on the job, or at school.Actual quotes from people with acneThe fact is, people with acne generally hate the way they look with acne. Let people with acne tell you-here are some testimonials about living with acne*Verbatim #1″I don’t look in mirrors…. I am like a vampire–I shy away from mirrors. I comb my hair using my silhouette on the wall to show the outline of my head. I have not looked myself in the eyes in years, and is painful not to be able to do that, and that is a direct result of acne, the acne scarring.”Like a vampire, hating mirrors” The Social Impact of Acne” src=”×600.gif” width=”425″ height=”600″ border=”0″ />The Social Impact of Acne Acne  FAQS FAQ acnes Acne   The Social Impact of Acne Acne  FAQS FAQ acnes Acne   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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