Treating Acne without Side effects Acne  natural Acne treatment Beauty Skin light box Beauty Skin acne light acne treatment Acne

Treating Acne without Side effects

There are many acne treatments available either over the counter or by prescription. Potentially there is a risk of side effects from all of these. The worst being those of isotretinoin based products which include the risk of birth defects, depression and suicide. Most worrying is recent reports that the side effects may continue after the treatment has stopped. However, many people could treat their acne without taking these risks.Treating and Preventing Acne HolisticallyAcne can be treated and prevented safely naturally. A good starting point is a regular skincare routine using natural products manufactured with sensitive skin in mind. Although initially it would seem a good idea to use harsh face washes that strip the sebum from the skin, in reality this often results in the sebaceous gland overcompensating and generating even more sebum. By using gentle, natural skincare products we can clean the pores without upsetting the balance of sebum production. Many natural products also contain mild antibacterial ingredients that are an added bonus. A good skincare routine will include washing, toning and moisturising the skin on your face daily and then using a mask to draw out impurities once or twice a week.Mild and Moderate AcneClinical studies show that blue light and red light, working at specific wavelengths, act together in clearing mild to moderate acne. The blue light has an antibacterial effect whilst the red light acts as an effective anti-inflammatory.*9 *10 This technology is now available for home use with the Beauty Skin light box. Used for just 15 minutes a day, the Beauty Skin offers a safe effective treatment for acne that has been shown to produce results in just 4 weeks.Diet and AcneContrary to popular belief, there is evidence linking our diets to acne. There are people who refute the link, but they cite studies that have involved diets only maintained for seven days. Few acne treatments, conventional or otherwise, would be entirely successful in that short period of time. Indeed research*1 with people suffering from acne has shown that a diet needs to be maintained for six weeks before the body shows the required increase in vitamins levels to help acne. Further research shows the blood analysed from patients with severe acne has considerably worse levels of vitamins A and E than blood analysed from patients with mild acne*3. This seems to suggest a clear link between deficiency in those vitamins and acne. Thus eating foods high in those nutrients would be beneficial. Minerals are also very important, research has shown both Zinc*5, and selenium*6 are beneficial in helping to reduce acne.The best method of increasing intake of these vitamins and minerals is via a diet high in vegetables and fruit which lasts at least 6 weeks. A good way to ensure a high intake of these vitamins is to include combinations of freshly juiced blackberries, kiwi fruit, watercress, Swiss chard, cranberries, mango, apricots for vitamin Eand broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, Green lettuce, spinach, watercress, Apricots, peaches, mango, loquats, passion fruit, grapefruit for vitamin A. Please note that it is possible to have too much vitamin A, see notice at the end of the article. Moderation is the key” Treating Acne without Side effects” src=”×600.gif” width=”425″ height=”600″ border=”0″ />Treating Acne without Side effects Acne  natural Acne treatment Beauty Skin light box Beauty Skin acne light acne treatment Acne   Treating Acne without Side effects Acne  natural Acne treatment Beauty Skin light box Beauty Skin acne light acne treatment Acne   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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