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An Insight Into Colored Contacts…

Since they were first developed as hard glass lenses in the 1950s, contacts have gone through many transformations and technical improvements in quality, look and feel.Today, with the modern advancements of disposable lenses and toric lenses, more and more people are changing from spectacles and enjoying the benefits of corrective eye lenses.The latest, exciting development and daring innovation in the contact lens industry, however, is the fabulously varied colored contacts that are now widely available and gaining in popularity.Gone are the days when contact lenses were worn as a sight correction device. They are far more than just functional corrective eye wear – they’re now funky, fun and an outrageously theatrical fashion statement!Colored contacts let you suggestively enhance the color of your eyes on a permanent basis or just for an occasional night when you want to accessorize with a particular outfit.Now – whatever the occasion you can make a truly unforgettable ‘eye catching’ appearance and show off your extraordinary ‘eye catching’ style!There are four different types of colored contacts for you to choose from – visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque-color tints and light-filtering tints.But the best thing of all is most of these come in styles that can be worn by people who do not necessarily need corrective eye wear. These style contacts are known as plano form lenses.Visibility tint colored contacts have a practical application. They have a light blue or green tint that, although not visible when being worn, allows you to see them when you are inserting or removing the lenses. And when (not if!) you drop them they are much easier to find!In contrast, enhancement tint colored contacts have a translucent but darker tint to them. These lenses are not meant to alter or change the shade of your eyes but rather to enrich and enhance your existing eye color – hence, their name.The Opaque color lenses with their dazzling array of colors have the most dramatic impact and can completely change your eye shade from brown to blue, blue to purple, etc. Wear them as a fashion statement or just for a change of mood if you want.Light-filtering contacts also have a practical application. When wearing these they will greatly enchance certain colors in your field of view, making them easier for you to see. Having trouble driving that tiny little golf ball down the fairway? Wearing a pair of these performance lenses will make that golf ball stand out and easier for you to hit. These performance tested lenses will be the next step forward in corrective eye wear.

An Insight Into Colored Contacts…

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