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Common Ingredients Used In Makeup – The Basic Rundown

Acid – Acids are sometimes used in small quantities to adjust the pH of a product. There are a few different kinds Citric, boric, phosphoric, sulphuric, hydrochloric and lactic.Alcohol – Most commonly used as a lubricant or emollient. These alcohols aren’t drying to the skin.Almond – Most products add almond kernels to act as a gentle scrub for your skin. It removes dead skin cells and helps clean dirt out of the pores.Aloe – This is very common in beauty products as its known for its healing and soothing properties. Aloe juice is also very beneficial for the skin.Camphor – This comes from the wood of the camphor tree and is known for its soothing properties.Coconut Oil – This oil is best known for its lubricating, soothing and cleansing properties. It is mainly used in shampoos or soaps.Collagen – This is best known for assisting in the elasticity of your skin. The collagen that is found in cosmetics actually comes from animals.Formaldehyde – This is basically just a gas used in products that acts as a preservative and disinfectant.Glycerine – This comes from animal fats and is used as an emollient.Laureth – This is the emollient that comes from coconut oil.Oleic Acid – This is a fatty acid that comes from olives.Seaweed – We all know what seaweed is but it is used to thicken some cosmetics and products.Soy Oil – This comes from the soybean and is used in moisturizers and conditioners.Talc – Talc is a soft mineral that is usually used to make talcum powder. It is also used in cosmetics such as powders to help with coverage.Urea – This is a compound that can be formed in the body but can also be made as a synthetic version..Witch Hazel – Witch Hazel comes from the witch hazel shrub but is also mixed with alcohol to give it cleansing properties.Zinc Oxide – This is a white coloured powder added to cosmetics for pigment.

Common Ingredients Used In Makeup – The Basic Rundown

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