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Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Chest Implants

So, how do your pecs look? For many men, impressive chest muscles are a must. If you can’t get them or don’t have the time for exercise, cosmetic implants may be the answer.Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Chest ImplantsWhen we think of people who are unsatisfied with their chest size, we usually think of women. Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, and some of them choose to undergo breast augmentation in order to enlarge their size or correct their shape. However, women are not the only ones who go under the knife to have cosmetic surgery on their chests. More and more, men who are not happy with how they look are seeing doctors about getting chest implants.Chest implants are just what they sound like – implants that are placed under the skin in the pecs to enlarge this area. The implants used are made of solid silicone, and are considered very safe by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not the same as traditional silicone breast implants, which were made with silicone gel that could leak and allegedly cause medical problems. Solid silicone implants cannot leak, and they stay in the same shape for as long as they stay in the body.The reasons that men choose to have their pecs augmented vary. Some men feel that no matter how much they exercise and lift weights, they can’t build up their pecs to a large enough size. Chest implants can increase the bulk and overall projection of the pecs to a size that will satisfy these men (but they will not add definition to the chest area, this must be accomplished through exercise). Other men may have medical conditions or congenital defects that have caused the underdevelopment of the chest area, so an implant will correct this deficiency.Men planning on having this procedure will need to stop working out one to two weeks prior to the operation in order to have the area be prepared to accept the implants. They will also need to allow about four weeks of recovery time before they can go back to rigorous exercise. The average cost of chest implants is around $7,000 and there are some complications that can happen, such as migration of the implant or general problems with the incision or surgery. Luckily, if a problem does arise and the implants need to be removed, this is a simple procedure.Chest implants can give some men the confidence they need to go shirtless or otherwise show off their chests. These implants represent another area where cosmetic surgery has expanded to provide a solution to a problem. Make sure to discuss the options for your specific situation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

Cosmetic Surgery for Men – Chest Implants

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