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Extreme H2O Contact Lens – An Insight

The Extreme H2O is a technological breakthrough in the field of contact lenses, being the first moulded spherical lens that are perfect for inexpensive daily wear.If you decide to calculate the cost of these contact lenses per hour of wearing then you will find that the Extreme H2O contact lens will work out cheaper than your typical lenses. That is because you can wear them for much longer during the course of the day and they can be kept in your eyes for extended periods of time.The new, visionary technology behind the Extreme H2O contact lens makes it ideal for people who usually experience what is called end of the day discomfort, or sometimes referred to as, “5 o’clock syndrome.” It is around that the time of day that most users begin to be aware of their contact lenses, mainly because that is when the lenses start to become irritating, bothersome and scratchy.Because of the Extreme H2O’s cutting edge comfort you will not think about taking them out as most of the time you will not even remember you have them in. That is how advanced the comfort technology is in these contact lenses!Sometimes with most normal contacts you can barely see enough to drive home at the end of the day, your lenses are so itchy and annoying that you are ready to give up contact lenses for good. Well, do not put on those glasses just yet…With an Extreme H2O contact lens in your field of vision, however, you will not have to keep your eye on the clock! The lens all but eliminates late-day lens awareness and discomfort. That makes it a true cut above most other two-week contact lenses presently on the market.The secret behind the Extreme H2O contact lens is the key ingredient hioxifilcon A, a co-polymer GMA-HEMA – it does not matter if you cannot pronounce the name! All that matters is that the compound helps the contact lens to retain moisture on your eye, even when most lenses would shrivel up!This durability and consistency in performance means that these lenses will literally not shrink or distort as the day progresses. Helping them retain the same dimensions and amount of oxygen permeability at the end of the day as they did in the morning, when you first put them in.The Extreme H2O high-tech polymer makeup, means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of greater comfort and duration of use, whilst the lens will always provide you with the fit and the power that your eye doctor prescribed for you.If you wear two-week contact lenses and frequently experience late-day dryness and discomfort, then consider the benefits of the Extreme H2O contact lens.

Extreme H2O Contact Lens – An Insight

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