Scary Scars – Know How to Treat It the Non-Surgical Way! Beauty  treatment for scars scar treatment scar therapy scar healing

Scary Scars – Know How to Treat It the Non-Surgical Way!

What are scars & why scars arise?Scars occur after healing of a wound caused by accident, burn, or surgery. Scars form on the human skin and look like fibrous tissues. Skin is a very sensitive and soft part in the human body. Scars naturally form on the wounded area when the healing process is complete. Skin problems like acne and infections like chicken pox will also leave scars on various areas of the body. Most of the wounds leave scars on the body, and the size of the scar is related to the size of the wound.The damaged area of the skin is repaired and collagen fibres are formed over the wound by the cells called fibroblasts. The fibrous tissue or scars resultant of wound do not possess the qualities of the skin. They are not resistant to ultra violet radiation and the hair follicles don’t grow on these spots. These scars cannot be removed completely from the body, but there are various treatment methods to enhance the appearance of the affected area.Types of ScarsKeliod scars These scars take a tumor like shape and bulge beyond the wounded area. These scars protrude beyond the wound, and are severe when the wounded area is around the joint.Hypertrophic scars These are similar to keliod scars in shape, but do not protrude beyond the wounded area.Contracture scars These type of scars form on wounds caused by burns. The skin gets tightened as a result of these scars, and one may experience difficulty to move.Acne scars These scars are resultant of severe acne. The size and type of scars varies depending on the type of acne.Chicken pox scars Chicken pox leaves scars on the skin after infection. These scars may be darker than the skin color and remains almost throughout life.Treatment of scars in the non- surgical wayDressing the wound The wounds must be given proper medical dressing to prevent infections. The wounds which are left open are at a higher risk of getting infected, and due to the delay in the healing process deep scars on the affected areas may occur.Pressure dressing Pressure dressing causes a reduction in wound metabolism. It exerts pressure on the area covered and prevents accumulation of fluids in the underlying tissues. The use of pressure dressings on the affected areas has been effective in preventing scar formation. Creams and ointments in treating scars There are various creams and ointments available to reduce scarring. These creams are applied on the wound and they help to reduce formation of scars on the affected areas. Consult a dermatologist to get the best suitable ointments according to the type of wound for treating scars.Calcium channel blockers Calcium antagonists are used to decrease collagen synthesis. They are capable to induce changes in the fibroblast gene expression. They block the cellular communication pathways which are essential to regulate the behavior of the fibroblast. This method is useful in treatment of established scars.Laser treatment This type of treatment is useful to flatten the scars which are raised above the level of the skin. The pink color of the scar can also be changed using laser treatment. Acne scar treatment Most of the teens are affected by acne and recover without any permanent marks. But in some people acne leaves scars on their skin. The areas affected with acne must not be exposed to the skin, as it may delay the healing process. The use of topical skin care products can be helpful to reduce scars at early stage. A good moisturizer can be applied over the skin to protect it from the sun rays. The use of chemical peels improves the skin tone, but it is less effective on scars.Scars are formed due to various reasons and can be found almost on everyone’s body. Most people think that surgery is the only way to remove scars, and so they choose to live with scars, instead of surgery. The non-surgical methods described above are also effective to reduce the impact of scars.

Scary Scars – Know How to Treat It the Non-Surgical Way!

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