Scent-sational Gifts That Show Mom How Much You Care Beauty  Scent-sational Gifts That Show Mom How Much You Care

Scent-sational Gifts That Show Mom How Much You Care

It can be a challenge deciding on a gift that personifies all of your mom’s best qualities. Is she loving, feminine, unique, fun, sporty? There are many different types of moms but fortunately, there’s a gift for each of them and many of the best feature fragrance.Here are a few perfumed gift-giving suggestions designed to please• Scents Make SensePerfume is always a scent-sational gift-giving idea and there are as many types of fragrance as there are moms.Whether her favorite is a classic, designer or hard-to-find perfume, most moms love receiving fragrance.• Layer FragrancesA fragrance gift set is an even better option because it offers greater versatility, often including additional items such as body lotion, shower gel or even purse-travel size bottles.That way mom can layer fragrance for a harmonious marriage of scents.• Bring The Spa To HerSpa treatments are a great but pricey gift. You can, however, give mom a spa experience without going into debt. Give mom luxurious spa products that she can use at home to create her own spa experience.A really popular line of spa skin care products, Sedona Valley Spa, was developed with beneficial ingredients, such as Desert Flower extract, Prickly Pear Cactus, Yucca and Agave, that are found in Sedona, Ariz. These products are designed for easy, at-home use to renew body, mind and spirit. Such spa products are sold exclusively at Perfumania and are an accessible indulgence.• Don’t Forget The ClassicsThe classic Mother’s Day gifts are also much appreciated. Make mom breakfast in bed and serve it on a tray with fragrant flowers. Give her a steaming cup of herbal tea and run her a bath filled with fragrant bubbles. There’s nothing like a leisurely morning to get her special day off to a good start.A great place to look for bubbles, fragrance and spa products is Perfumania. If you can’t decide what to get mom, the 250-store chain offers its own gift card.

Scent-sational Gifts That Show Mom How Much You Care

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