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Top 10 Trends Plastic Surgery

While numerous studies have been done on plastic surgery trends and future outlook, following are my forecast1. Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients With increase in gastric bypass surgeries, liposuction surgery may become quite mainstream and a standard post op measure.2. While Rhinoplasty is still the number one face surgery option, chin implants are fast catching up, especially for men.3. With time, more and more obese baby boomers will have to take recourse to plastic surgery. Los Angeles plastic surgery trends show a large number of baby boomers seeking the services.4. More injectables – continuing an exciting trend which began with Botox.Desire to remain young forever as strong as ever, more so in markets like New York and Los Angeles cosmetic surgery will be in vogue for a long time. 5. Lap Band is becoming a popular surgery option. Other variations include Gastric Band or Realize Band.6. Los Angeles Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck Los Angeles are still the most popular plastic surgery related searches.7. The stigma of plastic surgery is now almost nonexistent Conservative societies like Asians and Hispanics are joining Caucasians and African Americans in embracing plastic surgery. 8. With huge increase in Medical Insurance costs, the fact that Plastic Surgery is not covered by insurance and has to be paid upfront (or via financing) is actually being welcomed by several consumers.9. With all the hoopla about stem cell research, maybe harvesting cells from liposuction fat can be an option.10. As all good things inevitably, it is a matter of time when politicians will start taxing elective cosmetic surgery a lot, and then we will have offshore plastic surgery outsourcing. Till then, happy cosmetic surgery folks..

Top 10 Trends Plastic Surgery

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