Various methods used for hair dyeing Beauty  Prevent body odour perfumes body odour prevention Best perfumes

Various methods used for hair dyeing

Hair dyeing is an art and has to be performed with care. Only using a dye is not enough, using it skillfully is necessary to make then look natural and attractive.Women use herbal dyes or chemical dyes. Although chemical dyes arelong lasting compared to herbal dyes, they are also many a timesaccompanied with side effect. Thus herbal dyes are gaining more and more popularity day by day.In this chapter you will get a complete picture of how to use herbal as well as chemical dyes, so that you can make your choiceHerbal (Natural) Dyes Apply using rubber gloves, first to the ends of the hair within an inch of the scalp and then to the roots where the colour develops much more quickly. Cover with a plastic or foil and leave for 30-40 minutes. Then check the colour by testing a strand of hair. Do not apply heat as this will affect the final colour. Shampoo and rinse out thoroughly.(b)Chemical DyesTypes of Chemicaland their DyesBest Effect on Temporary rinses-2146826259-2146826259-Light to medium brown hair, giving a darker, richer glint; lightish grey or white hair to give darker colour. Will last for 4-6 shampoos. Permanent tints-Lasts permanently; regrowth tint on the roots necessary at 4-6 weekly intervals. Highlights/lowlights-These can look good on almost any type of hair, including brown, red and grey. Lasts permanently; roots will need retouching after 3-4 months.How to use Chemical Dyes After shampooing, directed packet by the manufacturer. Never over apply as the hair wil

Various methods used for hair dyeing

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