Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill? Health-Fitness  pregnancy man sexual health contraceptions birth control pills

Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill?

Women have been using contraceptions or birth control pills ever since this drug was approved. This kind of medication aims to prevent women from ovulation and could effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy. It contains two synthetic versions of the naturally occurring female hormones estrogen and progesterone. This combination of hormones prevent ovulation because there is no egg to be fertilized and, as such, pregnancy does not occur. Today, contraceptives can be seen in different forms. From birth control pills, sponges, diaphragms, and IUDs, women now have options for planning their fertility. But then again, not all these options seems to be quite perfect.Researchers now have been studying the use of contraceptives in men. A man’s sexual health is equally important as that of women. Men, too, must learn about the options available to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As a male-initiated method, having vasectomy is one of the common ways to preventing unwanted pregnancy. It is a surgical procedure for men in which their vasa deferentia is cut, which, in effect, causes sterility the patient. By having this kind of permanent birth control for men, their sperm would not be exiting from their penis anymore. The sperm is broken down and absorbed by the man’s body. Another form of birth control for men would be the use of condoms. These latex device is usually used by men during sexual intercourse. Condoms physically block the ejaculated semen from entering the body of his sexual partner. Nowadays, the use of condoms is crucial to protect one’s self from sexually transmitted disease. However, based on some surveys, the use of prophylactics can prevent certain sensations which also reduce pleasure for both sex partners.Hormone regulation is now also used to produce sterility in men. Two hormone-regulating products that are already available in the market include the testosterone gel which lowers testosterone levels; and the progestin shot which is sold commonly under the brand name DepoProvera. The product is administered by giving a man one shot every three months, while the gel-based product is rubbed on gel everyday. The success rates for using these male contraceptives is 90 percent. Opinions about the effectiveness of these products still differ. Another study involved the “Intra Vas Device”, an alternative to vasectomy that works by blocking the sperm in the vas deferens. The set of plugs can be removed in case the man changes his mind. Studies have shown that the fertility of the man can return if the IVD is removed after short-term use. Successful pregnancy cannot be guaranteed after long term use of the said device.In Columbia, researchers made use of Vitamin A in designing a contraceptive for men. A low percentage of Vitamin A in men could lose their fertility, but could also make them sick. Due to this, they have discovered a drug that has interfered with Vitamin A receptors in the testes. They have tested this on mice, and it worked without any negative effects on animal health. This gave them an optimistic view that with further studies and experiments, this could work fine for men.In knowing all these, men should really open up and speak with regards to the use of these newfound contraceptives for them. The demand for such is continuously growing, and it’s only a matter of time and opinion before all these contraceptives can reach the general public.

Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill?

Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill?Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill? Health-Fitness  pregnancy man sexual health contraceptions birth control pills   Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill? Health-Fitness  pregnancy man sexual health contraceptions birth control pills   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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