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Know Your Anatomy

If you talk to any computer lover the chances are high that he or she will be able to explain to you all of the parts of their computer and the way each thing works. You can easily find yourself in a long conversation about details of computer programs and issues that you never wanted to know. Or sit down with a man who loves his vintage car and you will learn things about the function and care of each part of his prized possession. If you think about it, the parts of a computer or of a vintage car are sort of like anatomy. I’m always a little surprised when someone knows exactly where the spark plugs on his car are but cannot name me the location or use of his gull bladder. You see, humans have an anatomy too. Perhaps you haven’t thought about your anatomy since high school science class. I think the norm for most people is to go about living every day using our bodies without every really knowing much about them. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? We do not bake a cake without taking note of each ingredient that we’re adding yet we do not have any clue about the ‘ingredients’ that make up our anatomy. It is important for every person to take the time to learn a little bit more about their anatomy. Go to the library and check out a book or get online and find a good source. Make flash cards or a chart that helps you to learn all of the different parts and functions of your anatomy. Get intrigued about the intricacies of the human anatomy and commit to learning about them. If you see a beautiful sunset or watch a great movie, learn to appreciate the gift of your eyes even more by learning each part of your eye anatomy and the special functions that each part has. You will grow in appreciation for the smallest and largest parts that make up your anatomy. Learning your anatomy can also help you to keep track of your health. You will be much more apt to know when there is a real problem with an area of your body when you know what each part is supposed to do for you. By learning your anatomy you may be able to distinguish between a normal pain in your stomach and a pain that is cause for a response. Take the anatomy of your body as seriously as you take learning the parts of your car or computer. You’re worth it.

Know Your Anatomy

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