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Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy is currently considered to be an alternative medicine. Those who practice it believe that certain ailments can be treated if the patient is exposed to magnetic fields. Permanent magnets will generally be placed near the body, and it is believed that this procedure can reduce pain, allow the body to heal faster, and treat a number of other medical problems. Magnetic Therapy will typically be used for people who have problems with their backs or joints. The effectiveness of this therapy is currently not known, and most in the medical establishment currently view it as being a form of pseudoscience.The practice of magnetic therapy has led to the growth of an entire industry. A number of products are sold for the purpose of healing those who use them. These products could range from bracelets to mattresses or blankets. While there is no concrete evidence that magnetic therapy has been used to effectively treat people, some in the medical establishment believe that it may work as a placebo in some who use it. Critics of magnetic therapy claim that most magnets don’t have the strength to effect the various organs and tissues within the body.In addition to this, few manufacturers have been able to effectively demonstrate the usefulness of their products. However, it should be noted that the field of magnetism is not well understood, and discoveries are constantly being made on a regular basis. Scientific studies have showed that magnetic fields do play a role in the migratory patterns of some birds, and being exposed to a magnetic field which is too strong can even be toxic. Given this research, there is a possibility that strong magnetic fields may play a role in the health of those who are exposed to them, but this remains to be seen.Proponents of Magnetic Therapy often point out that magnetic fields which are exposed to the body can increase the circulation of blood due to the presence of iron within the hemoglobin. However, iron will lose its ferromagnetic properties once it becomes ionised. There are a number of websites online which sale magnetic health products, and it has grown into a large industry. Whether or not the use of magnets for healing is caused by the placebo effect, it has become an alternative medicine that many people use for healing purposes.The use of Magnetic Therapy is not new. Paracelsus was a doctor and alchemist who lived during the 15th century, and he reasoned that if magnets could attract iron, they may also be able to have an effect on the various diseases that were present in the body. The current debate about Magnetic Therapy will continue until concrete evidence has been found to support it. With all the achievements that have been made by the medical community, they are limited in their knowledge and understanding. Magnetism is a subject that is not well understood, and the function of the human body and mind is extremely complex as well. It is possible that some link between magnetic fields and diseases may found in the future if sophisticated tools are developed.

Magnetic Therapy

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