The Adonis Complex Health-Fitness  male sexual health anxiety disorder anxiety attack

The Adonis Complex

It is no secret that a number of professional wrestlers and some hard core body builders are steroid users. But studies show that a new breed of individuals are joining the band wagon. These are the white collar guys. The office workers, the yuppies. These are the ones who want to add some bulk and burn a little fat, not minding some help from banned substances. Some call them the “discreet juicers.” They are the ones who do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and count the calories they consume. These individuals, however, regularly take a dose of steroids as part of a “healthy lifestyle.” Steroids are powerful drugs that works by increasing protein synthesis within the cells. This may result in increased muscle and body mass by acting like the body’s natural male hormone called testosterone. Some forms or types of steroids are banned substances yet these still get into the hands of people who are not supposed to take them. Reports say that one can actually purchase steroids over the Internet. Steroid users are rampant nowadays that people may sometimes not readily recognize them and those that are hooked on the drug. Below are some guidelines on how to spot the steroid user. How to spot the juicer Skull There is a possibility that steroids may affect the size of the skull. This is because of the of the human growth hormones may work adversely when merged with steroids. Skin The steroid user’s skin may have a reddish glow because this substance may cause abnormal retention of fluid in the body. This, however, may cause high blood pressure. Acne Upper-body acne is one of the usual side effects of people who use steroids. Shoulders Steroid users may gain enormous muscle mass in the shoulder and arm area while the lower body part is of normal size. Biceps and chests Stretch marks on the bicep and chest area are common among steroid users. Studies show that these lifters may increase muscle mass by up to 25% in just 10 weeks. Steroid side effects In some instances, the Adonis Complex occurs. This is the term that health experts use to address the case when these weight lifters never get satisfied about the way they look. These men begin to sacrifice their relationships, their career, and sometimes their peace of mind because they are never satisfied. They want to achieve the Alpha Male look and would do anything to achieve it, not minding the possible side effects they may encounter in the process. “Roid rage” may also be experienced when steroids are improperly used. “Roid rage,” according to experts, is a generalized anxiety disorder that is associated with a number of symptoms including paranoia, edginess, impatience, and mood swings. In the U.S., there are reports that normally gentle and peaceful men suddenly experience anxiety attacks and go berserk only after a few instances of taking steroids. Male sexual health may also be affected with the use of steroids. Impotence, testicular shrinkage, and sterility are some the apparent side effects of the improper uses of steroids to men. The Adonis Complex has affected men in 21st century society in an adverse manner. These individuals should bear in mind that the use of certain steroids is not only illegal but may also bring hazardous side effects. Improving one’s body can only be done by proper training, eating the right food, and by not taking drugs in any form. Everyone ought to remember that relationships and peace of mind is far more important than a good-looking body. People love you because of who you are and not because of your looks

The Adonis Complex

The Adonis ComplexThe Adonis Complex Health-Fitness  male sexual health anxiety disorder anxiety attack  The Adonis Complex Health-Fitness  male sexual health anxiety disorder anxiety attack  HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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