The Dolphin Drug  Health-Fitness  Anxiety relief Anxiety medication

The Dolphin Drug 

Dolphins are aquatic creatures that have close resemblance with porpoises and whales. As of present time, there are at least forty species seventeen genera of these continental shelf dwellers. From the family of Delphinidae, these highly-intelligent critters’ body can expand from four feet up to 50 feet. Meanwhile, their body mass can weigh from 40 kilograms to 10 tonnes. Naturally carnivorous, these sea animals feast on squids and other fishes.       These shallow water dwellers, aside from their intelligence notoriety, can produce vocal sounds using their nasal airsacs located below their blowholes. There are three sounds or vocalizations, that dolphins produce – frequency modulated sounds called whistles, burst-pulsed sounds and clicks. While there is still no available explanation for the use of burst-pulsed sound dolphins’ make, whistles and clicks play a pivotal role in a dolphin’s life. Dolphin whistles, which are characterized to be one of the loudest sounds in the sea, are used by these aquatic creatures to communicate. Research proves that a dolphin can distinguish a whistle from another because every dolphin has unique or “signature” whistles. They can identify themselves from one another using their “high-pitched” vocalizations. Whistles, which are unique dolphin mechanism, are effective adaptations that dolphins use for finding mate and group identification. Clicks, meanwhile, are used as directional aide which functions as echolocation. Like bats, this specialized dolphin helps them to detect for any object or creature approaching them.      This distinctive adaptation is not only beneficent to dolphins but, in a way, proves to be helpful to humans as well. Researches say that dolphin-produced sounds are used to improve concentration, enhance social interaction and skills, and as – anxiety medication. Certain studies show that dolphin sounds, which has a calming effect, are good for lessening anxiety levels and are used as anxiety reliefs.       With the some dangerous complications anxiety medications can bring to one’s health, dolphin vocalizations, accompanied by soothing instruments, are now marketed as alternative anxiety relief.       In an article by Psychology Today, it said that swimming with dolphins can help reduce one’s anxiety level. This form of anxiety relief was further strengthened by the aforementioned study. Clinical Psychologist Nichola Webb PhD, said that the participants who swam with the dolphins developed a greater sense of well-being before and after the swim in comparison to the others who did not swim with the dolphins.      According to, using dolphins as animal-assisted therapy is a popular choice for psychological problems and developmental abilities. However, these studies where criticized for several grounds. Also, studies show that dolphin-assisted therapy (DAT) as anxiety relief has no compelling scientific evidence and that “it affords no more than fleeting improvements in mood.”      Dolphins vocalizations, however, are now being sold in the market in CD’s and DVD’s for us to have a first hand experience of its supposed calming effects and anxiety relief.       The dolphin song – or being scientifically correct, vocalizations – has really proven its worth. Its naturally-produced sound can help provide a “soothing relief”. But no matter how promising this may seem, nothing can still replace a frequent visit to the doctor. As to its effectiveness as an anxiety medication alternative, try it and you be the judge. 

The Dolphin Drug 

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