Constipation & Free Clinics Medicine  constipation

Constipation & Free Clinics

When an individual begins taking new medication, undergoes surgery or changes their diet, they may not realize that they could also be dealing with constipation in the very near future. This is a condition relating to the digestive system where an individual has difficulty with bowel movements, which may be painful or altogether impossible.Regular bowel movements are necessary in order to keep the digestive system working properly and to avoid hemorrhoids or additional pain. Early symptoms of constipation may be a reduction in or irregularity with bowel movements. Severe stomach pains, cramps or nausea may also be an early warning sign of constipation.The diagnosis for constipation is fairly simple and may require a brief discussion with a physician, who will note any recent hormonal, dietary or medication changes. An exam may also be required in order to confirm the diagnosis. Once a determination has been made, constipation can be treated in a variety of ways, including the patient being told to drink plenty of water, increase their dietary fiber intake and/or prescription medication.If home remedies do not relieve constipation, including the consumption of more water, vegetables, foods high in dietary fiber or other over the counter products, some individuals may be forced to look for other options at curing their discomfort. An increasing number of individuals go to work every day, but cannot afford medical insurance or have a job that does not offer coverage. In either of these instances, a free clinic may be the patient’s only hope for relief from constipation. Available to both children and adults, free clinics are located throughout the United States.While free clinics primarily offer general care and are not equipped to handle surgical procedures, they are crucial to helping patient’s find relief from many common ailments. If an illness requires additional treatment, the patient may be referred to an emergency room or other medical center. Free clinics are typically utilized to treat the onset of common cold or flu symptoms, provide immunizations and treat other common illnesses.The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes only. It should not be used in place of, or in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Anyone who has reason to believe that they, or someone they know, suffers from constipation should consult a licensed physician prior to beginning any treatment regimen and in order to receive a proper diagnosis and/or treatment.

Constipation & Free Clinics

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