Everything You Need To Know About Kinesiology Medicine  kinesis Kinesiology alternative medicine

Everything You Need To Know About Kinesiology

The word ‘Kinesis’ in Greek means movement and Kinesiology studies the relationship between the quality of muscular movement and overall health. Kinesiology deals with methods of maintaining good health through proper functioning and movement of all the muscles in the body.This system operates under the belief that each part of the body is connected to a corresponding muscle. If a muscle is not working properly, associated parts will be affected and this manifests as a disease.Kinesiology is related to acupuncture and draws on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. Both sciences deal with the specific paths in the body called meridians. As in acupuncture, Kinesiology believes that physical disorders are a direct result of blocks in the path of the energy flow in our body.A trained Kinesiologist employs muscle testing to identify problem areas. The doctor applies pressure on a clenched muscle and asks the patient to resist the pressure. Thus he assesses muscle movement and response. The practitioner looks for any physical disorder, lack of nutrition or lack of energy that may be at the root of the problem.Once the problem area is identified, gentle techniques are used to re-establish harmony and to rejuvenate the flow of energy. A light massage on the relevant pressure points usually restores the flow of blood to the muscles and stimulates the secretion of lymph. Lymph is responsible for detoxifying the muscles. So when the muscles receive a good supply of lymph and blood, they function well.Other common forms of treatment include the use of magnets, flower essence, homeopathy and even thought control. Most patients find their Kinesiology sessions immensely enjoyable and relaxing. They leave therapy with a feeling of wonder that such a joyous experience could really cure them of their illness.An experienced Kinesiologist would be able to assess the ENTIRE health chart of a client in just a single sitting. The therapist may identify allergies, deal with phobias or stress, rectify nutritional imbalances and may even start the process of detoxifying the entire system of the patient.Like any other holistic medical practice, you really do not need to have any external symptom to benefit from Kinesiology. Even in the absence of illness, Kinesiology helps improve health, increases the feeling of well-being, boosts intellectual functioning and unleashes positive attitudes. In short, it can help individuals reach the highest point of their potential. One can achieve success in just about any field by riding on a high wave of confidence and ability.Kinesiology works because it is non-invasive, gentle and free of side effects. Kinesiology is an effective preventative therapy. Some of the areas where Kinesiology works wonders are-2146826259

Everything You Need To Know About Kinesiology

Everything You Need To Know About KinesiologyEverything You Need To Know About Kinesiology Medicine  kinesis Kinesiology alternative medicine   Everything You Need To Know About Kinesiology Medicine  kinesis Kinesiology alternative medicine   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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