The Discovery of Personal Hygiene Medicine

The Discovery of Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene was rediscovered only in the late 19th century, having been popular in ancient Greece and Rome almost two thousand years before.Water was considered by the sophisticates – perhaps justly – to be the carrier of disease. Bathing in water was a hazardous exercise. Royalty used milk instead. Others were confined to wet towels or to splashing water from basins on one’s face and armpits. The great unwashed utilized public baths, built throughout Europe between the 12th and 17th centuries.Consider the Spanish Queen Isabella of Castile, of Christopher Columbus fame. She boasted that she had only two baths in her life – at birth and prior to her wedding. But not all royals were so unhygienic. The flushing toilet was the preserve of Queen Elizabeth I. It was invented for her in 1596 by Sir John Harrington, her godson.New York entrepreneur Joseph C. Gayetty manufactured in 1857 the first pre-moistened bathroom tissues, each embossed with his name. Aptly named British plumber Thomas Crapper redesigned the modern toilet and received a series of related patents between 1861-1904. The Kleenex tissue was not introduced until 1920 and the pop-up box only nine years later.Prior to the invention of the toilet paper in 1890 by the Scott Paper Company, people used an assortment of objects to wipe clean – most often leaves and corncobs. French royals employed lace, hardy Vikings – wool, Romans resorted to the sponge. The Chinese, ahead of the times in 1391, were the first to use paper sheets.

The Discovery of Personal Hygiene

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