The Risks Of Lasik Surgery Medicine

The Risks Of Lasik Surgery

The 21st century is the golden age for surgical procedures, among them an increasingly popular method of corrective eye surgery known as LASIK. LASIK is an acronym for the surgery, which stands for Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. This procedure has become increasingly reliable, with unresolved complications reported in only 3 to 6 percent of patients. The risk of complications is still there, however, and can take several different forms.The complications of LASIK surgery can include the following Dry eyes, over or under correction, visual acuity fluctuation, halos or starbursts around light sources at night, light sensitivity, double vision, wrinkles in the flap, striation, decentered ablation, debris or growth under the flap, induced astigmatism. These complications are classified according to whether they arise in the preoperative procedures, the procedure itself, or after the operation either early on or later.Each of the complications is unique unto itself, and it is important to remember that LASIK surgery is irreversible should nay of the complications occur. May of the complications such as halos and ghosts are not tested by standard eye tests, and need to be accounted for separately.Over and under correction are the result of the surgeon incorrectly estimating the concentration that needs to be applied during the surgery. Many risks of LASIK surgery can also be increased by phenomena that may not have occurred to the patient, such as racial origin and environmental occurrences.Improperly formed flaps can lead to an irregular surface and vision defects as the flap fails to properly adhere to the surface of the eye. This condition can be corrected with further surgery, although the costs will usually continue to accrue and sometimes a decrease in visual acuity. A flap that is too thick can also weaken the eye’s surface and result in bulging. Some patients have a condition that already makes them conducive to bulging, and thus are rejected as candidates for LASIK surgery.As LASIK surgery become more an more commonplace, the risks and recovery times are becoming less common and pronounced. As with nay surgery, and especially those with cosmetic implications, LASIK is becoming increasingly popular. As people sense the money to be made in practicing the procedure, the risk of employing a surgeon who is not versed or experienced enough in the procedure also increases. Make sure to discuss LASIK surgery with your ophthalmologist before undergoing the procedure, to determine if you are eligible and also to suggest a list of surgeons who practice the procedure in your area. Make sure to contact other patients that have undergone the surgery by the particular surgeon you are thinking about employing in order to gain some first hand knowledge about her practice and success rate. Also look into where the surgeon was educated and if she served under another surgeon before going out to do the procedure on her own. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to surgical procedures, and treatment for your eyes are no exception.

The Risks Of Lasik Surgery

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