Tips On Lowering Cholesterol Medicine

Tips On Lowering Cholesterol

Are you looking for ways to lower cholesterol? People these days are very conscious of their weight and their cholesterol level as well. It is not surprising to find people searching for tips and suggestions on how to lower their high cholesterol. Perhaps it is because of the health disadvantages that can result. Several heart ailments have been connected to high cholesterol level in the body. Some people, for whom the risk of a stroke is high, should not take high cholesterol for granted.Health is an essential aspect to a happy life, but it must be monitored. Generally, having good health means that a good diet and exercise regime is followed. What you eat plays a significant role in your cholesterol level. So it is essential that one should choose the proper food and nutrition in order to attain the right level of cholesterol that you need. Having cholesterol levels that are too high could result in ill health so lowering cholesterol levels is necessary.There are two types of cholesterol, the LDL and the HDL cholesterol. Imagine the HDL as the healthy type and the LDL as the non-healthy one. In particular, HDL can eventually aid in carrying cholesterol out of the blood vessels while the LDL permits it to be deposited inside the artery walls. But it is good news that you can do something about it. So, let us start by discussing it. Eating hot dogs, mayonnaise, bologna and salami may be very pleasing, but these foods could easily increase your cholesterol levels. You don’t want that, so your food choice instead should be replaced with sandwiches made of lean turkey and a whole lot of fresh, green vegetables. Restrict eating those highly processed foods and those that you know have high fat levels. As much as possible avoid trans fats, for these further raise the LDL cholesterol and advance the lowering of the beneficial HDL.Moreover, it is advisable that you do not eat foods like shortening, margarine, and especially those which contain partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Furthermore, eat those foods that are rich in Omega-3. Salmon is a really good option so buy red salmon varieties, for they are fantastic sources of Omega-3. Flax seed is also rich in Omega-3. Nuts are also great alternatives to your high-fat cravings. Try walnuts, almonds, cashews, and pecans. They are high in fat but they are not the kind that causes harm. You should also cut down on rich desserts. Why not try to eat other alternatives like angel food cakes, jelly, crackers or fat-free yogurts?Fresh, green vegetables are rich in fiber and these will aid in lowering cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, beans and oatmeal are nutritious and can trim down your cholesterol levels as well. Try to grill if you are going to eat steak or burgers for a treat. This would lower the intake of fatty grease and it tastes great too. In addition, olive oil is better to use and try to avoid bacon bits, egg yolks, and other like foods. And most of all avoid fast foods.If you suffer from high cholesterol, you should consult your primary care physician for advice before making any changes to your diet.

Tips On Lowering Cholesterol

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