What About Your Prescribed Medication Medicine  prescription drugs narconon addiction treatment

What About Your Prescribed Medication

There are some medications that are physically needed for an actual life threatening health condition, yet there are some medications where we really have to ask our selves Do we need to take this? What do we really need it for? Can we live without it? How many times have we received prescription after prescription? How many times have we been told that this medication will solve all of our problems? How many times have the “professionals” told us that there are side effects, so they strongly recommended taking another type of medication to counter the side effects of the first one? How many commercials have we seen on the television advertising medication that is the way to happiness? Such as, “Ask your family doctor how you can get started on making your life better.” In such a fast paced world, we are all looking for a quick and easy solution to suppress the pain, guilt, remorse, shame and hatred that we are feeling, and ultimately, our real inability to confront our lives and take responsibility. The pharmaceutical companies, psychiatrists, and doctors love this fast paced world. They make billions on our inabilities to confront our lives. They are providing us with a quick solution a way to escape, a way to accept our so-called “diagnosis”. The truth is that we have accepted a highly and dangerous form of addiction“I need these pills to get through the day.” “This is because of my diagnosis, I can’t stop taking these.” “I am always stressed at work.”“I can’t sleep at night.”“I am depressed all the time”. Society has embraced prescription medication without realizing the highly addictive nature of some of these drugs. We have family members taking literally a spoon full of prescription medication, and spending thousands of dollars a month just to function on a daily basis. Yet when someone mentions the word addiction, we shutter at the thought of being an “addict.” How can we be an addict when it is prescribed? Little do we know that the same pills that are given to you can be easily bought on the street. So what’s the difference? Valium, Lithium, Zanax, Effexor, Celexa, Paxil, Seroquil, Ritalin, Oxicotton, Percocets, Diladid, Morphene, Methadone… how are these drugs different from street drugs? An addict is an addict and a drug is a drug, we use prescription drugs to get off of street drugs, we end up substituting one drug for another drug to fuel our addiction.We all have our reasons for taking prescription medication. Take a look in the mirror and if your not happy with what you see, do something about it. Remember, more medication is not going to solve the problem. Know what you are taking research it; look at how you react to it; and really ask yourself if you can still live your life without it. Drugs are all around us, sold everywhere, and a drug pusher comes in many different forms. Mental disorders and addictions are more common then ever, and we use drugs to escape both. Be aware of the drugs prescribed, know what you are taking, and ask your doctor if this is really necessary. Be your own adviser, keep your counsel and make your own decisions. Taking some of these medications for long periods of time can be very dangerous to come off of “cold turkey”, please contact your family doctor to see how you can come off of them safely, and make a change in your life.Nick HayesIntake Counselor at Narconon Trois-Riviereswww.narconon.ca

What About Your Prescribed Medication

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