How to Lose Weight - The Angry Pep Talk Weight-Loss  lose weight how to lose weight HEALTH FITNESS diet

How to Lose Weight – The Angry Pep Talk

Copyright 2006 Brad HowardI can’t help it. I am really getting tired of all of you being lied to on a day to day basis. You’ve got companies selling everything from videos to diets but what you really have is a complete OVERFLOW of information. Everyone knows that you’ll buy one thing, try it, and then buy something else when that doesn’t work.The bad part is that these same companies will BLAME YOU for not working hard enough when the whole basis for their system revolves around how easy it is to implement. Sounds fishy doesn’t it.It’s the classic smokescreen and it happens all of the time. The three industries I’ve seen it happen the most in are”>credit repair, internet marketing (work from home), and health and fitness.Each of these has one thing in common the ability for someone to exploit one thing, the fear of something bad happening to you it you choose to go another direction than theirs.Save your money.There are no real quick fixes. There is always a trade off. For example, when you see some famous person with mucho money and a killer body, you never see the sacrifices these people go through to achieve these things. Shows like “Driven” and “Behind the Music” can do a little justice but only really scratch the surface. It takes commitment, dedication, and persistence to get to these points. You have never heard of any of these people talk about how EASY it was to get on top.Fact just about every successful person hits “rock bottom” before their explosion onto the scene. “The Rock” slept on a mattress he pulled out of an alley before he started wrestling. Don’t believe me, look it up many times have you lied to yourself today? How many times have you said that you couldn’t do something when all you have to do is take the first step?Life isn’t as bad as you think it is. Take some responsibility for where you are in life. It’s your fault. You are where you are based on your decisions, no one else’s. If you have put on a couple of pounds, it’s not the food industries fault. You put the food in your mouth. If you don’t have time to exercise, make it. Are you busier than Edison, Einstein, FDR, and every President of the United States?You have two choices in life live or dieIf you are eating horribly, you are slowly killing yourselfNot exercising, slowly killing yourselfSmoking, same thingBeing accountable for your station in life is a very powerful thing. You will never be in a better position. Say it, “It’s my fault, and its okay.” Your failures dictate your successes. If you aren’t successful, you haven’t failed enough. Period.There is no such thing are inaction. You are always actively choosing to do something. If you are sitting on the couch, you are choosing to be there.For every action, there is an equal reaction in magnitude. For the action of sitting on the couch, the reaction is that you gain weight. If you sit on the couch for 2 months, obviously you gain more weight.Throw a small rock in a pond, small ripples. Throw a big rock, waves. Make waves. Do something big.If you are scared, admit it. Is it going to kill you? Probably not. So big deal. Get it done. Your fears are just a manifestation of your ego projected onto the world. Most things aren’t as bad as you think.Here is a great quote Honesty is conforming your words to reality, integrity is conforming reality to your words.In other words, honesty is telling the truth and integrity is doing what you said you are going to do.Have integrity and be honest with yourself. Watch all of the self-destructive “white” lies you tell yourself each day. Walk big. If you don’t believe it, no one else will.Only you determine where you go in life. Are you going to make the decisions or are they going to be made for you? Either way, a decision will be made. Quit being a victim and take charge. The world is filled with too many victims and cynics. Get off your ass and do something, make something happen.Like Henry Ford saidWhether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.After all, it’s your life we are talking about.

How to Lose Weight – The Angry Pep Talk

How to Lose Weight – The Angry Pep TalkHow to Lose Weight - The Angry Pep Talk Weight-Loss  lose weight how to lose weight HEALTH FITNESS diet   How to Lose Weight - The Angry Pep Talk Weight-Loss  lose weight how to lose weight HEALTH FITNESS diet   HealthCheckr Rated 5 / 5 based on 431 reviews.

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